Our company’s aim is to bring together advertisers and content producers, in a way which benefits all parties involved.


We do this by creating contracts between both parties that are agreed upon by all involved, making a perfect working environment for all.


We oversee and provide assistance in this process, and will ensure the contract is kept by everyone, protecting all of your rights and ensuring business runs exactly how you want it.



Content Producers

For content producers, it is our goal to turn your hobby of making content into a potential career, giving you opportunities to make money from your work, but also giving you all the tools and resources needed to ensure you’re constantly producing work at the highest possible quality.


How eSports Endorsement Can Help You:

  • Opportunities out of the usual, to monetise your content.
  • Work with top quality, international brands both from inside and outside the industry.
  •  Connect with other streamers, video makers, etc.
  • Free resources to better your content, i.e. graphics, video editing, custom stream bots etc.
  • Tight contracts to protect your rights.
  • Support where needed.
  • Increased exposure of your content.

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For advertisers looking to get into the industry, eSports Endorsement can help you the whole way, and ensure that you are getting full value out of your investment, and a higher return than you would anywhere else. We truly understand the industry we work in, all of us are passionate gamers and enjoy watching gaming content. We will give you a helping hand with anything you need in the eSports scene.


What You Can Expect From eSports Endorsement:

  • Be notified of under-valued, efficient, exciting opportunities within eSports!
  • Your specific niche targeted using our own well researched demographic reports.
  • Work with a professional who understands and has extent knowledge in the industry.
  • Far better returns than marketing in other industries would give.
  • Tight, enforced contracts to protect your investment.
  • Connect with popular & famous content producers.

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