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> Show us figures. Large fanbases & viewing figures attract bigger sponsors.

> Show us consistency. We want to see you making continuous high quality content on a schedule.

> Show us passion. We want to be able to see you are genuinely interested in what you do.

> Show us potential. We want to see you consistently improving in quality & size.

> Show us maturity. We want to work with individuals sponsors can trust.

What we’re looking for

Here at eSports Endorsement, we don’t have a set of official requirements. Obviously if you are creating videos which are only being seen by a couple of people, it will be near impossible for us to help you monetise your content. However, every application is reviewed on an individual basis, we will consider more factors than just the number of views when deciding whether or not you will be a suitable member of our team. Numbers are a huge part of a contract though, and in general there is a direct correlation between audience size and income from sponsors. It is in the interest of all parties to ensure you are doing everything you can to have the highest possible number of viewers.

We want people who show consistency in their content, someone that produces on a consistently high standard, on a regular time basis. Our clients are looking to get the most return on their sponsorship, they want to know how much exposure their company will get as a result of the relationship we are creating. If you don’t produce on a regular basis, and your quality often changes, our clients will not know what return they will get, and it will be seen as more of a gambling opportunity for them, potentially receiving little coverage with sub standard quality, which they will not be happy about.

Passion drives content. Someone who enjoys what they are doing will be more likely to keep doing it, creating amazing content because they are actually having fun whilst ‘working’. This is the kind of person we are looking for, we want to be able to see you are truly loving what you do, that this isn’t just an attempt at making a bit of quick money, or are doing this to fill time whilst you have nothing better to do.

We want people with potential. If you are producing great quality content consistently with a high viewer figure you’d be a great member of our team, but what would set you apart from the rest is if you are constantly improving. Better content and a bigger audience should be your two main goals. These are the kind of qualities that will make sponsors want to renew their contracts and start giving you power to negotiate. You will become higher in demand if companies start seeing you as a long term opportunity, giving you a sense of financial stability and have a secure career for the future.

One big reason large companies are still nervous about advertising in the eSports industry is due to the perception of ‘gamers’. Companies are often in fear that they can’t trust content producers, because they may still be young and won’t stick to contracts or NDAs. Here at eSports Endorsement we have built up a level of trust with our clients, they know that our team will be always be on the highest levels of maturity, no matter the age, when it comes to their business relations and contracts. We need to know that you will continue to represent our company in this way, and not ruin the relations we have made.

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