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gamer»The gaming industry is huge and continuously growing across the world. The faster you act, the better the return will be

»Viewership figures are at an all time high and have no intention of going anywhere but up

»With tens of thousands of content producers, pinpointing your niche cannot be easier

»The market will never be as easy to enter as it is now


An Undervalued Industry

This market is still very empty for the most part. Big corporations are slowly trickling into game, with Coke Zero sponsoring an entire league, and companies such as Monster, Pringles and Samsung sponsoring individual teams. However, there are still hundreds of teams and individuals not getting the most from their fans and viewer base. With hundreds of thousands of fans, there is a clear advertising opportunity that is not yet being utilised, allowing external companies to take full advantage of the unsaturated, low barriers of entry, efficient market that is eSports.


Your Ideal Market

Nowadays there are content producers across the world for every kind of ‘entertainment’. With 100 hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, the varieties of entertainment are endless. Love slow motion films? Love satirical gym videos? Or simply want the latest tech news? All of these and more are widely covered by so many different producers, bringing in tens of millions of viewers. This means for you, there is a someone out there making content to an audience which consists of your ideal target market. Whether you’re looking to target your audience by location, console, age or gender it is possible to pinpoint all these characteristics to someone’s viewer base. Advertising elsewhere can often result in a large majority of the audience not being interested in your product, truly wasting your money, but with us you can be safe in knowing we will find an audience full of users genuinely interested in your products/services.


Safe Investments

When talking with our clients, one of the biggest concerns we get is that many of the producers in this industry are seen as young, immature and not professional. They are scared to trust them with their investments as they are not fully confident the producer will adhere to the regulations set in place. We understand this and don’t want to force you to carry this burden, so we take control of the situation and manage all of the throughput coming through our company. With tight contracts and regulations, everything you want and are promised will happen and you can be assured of full professionalism from all parties.


Ease of Process

Here at eSports Endorsement, we understand that attempting to enter an unknown market that you don’t know too much about can be a very hard and stressful process, so we are here to take away those hardships. We know the market, and we will put in 100% to get to know your company’s ideologies, to truly find the best possible opportunity in this industry for you. It is in all of our interests for you to be getting the best value from your investment. At the end of the day, we, the team at eSports Endorsement, are all passionate about gaming, we understand it and know that with our knowledge of it, you and your company can sit back, relax and let us take a leading role with full confidence of our ability to provide you with the best possible service.




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